viernes, 12 de junio de 2009


I saw an enormous dreamcatcher hanging over, and wrapped around my City of Dreams. Its presence suck out the empty spaces, and hugged the air among the clouds.

Its beauty astonished my eyes, and made my lungs gasp for air.
The scene resembled a dreamy ambiance in its entirely.

Did I really see it, or did I dream it all? I am not sure I experienced what I am attempting to replicate with words. And, yet it was so real. I wonder what dreams were trapped in those enchanted moments? What longings were clenched in that time and space? What others remain to be born -either in my dreams, or while I am awake?

(On my way home, June 7, 2009 )

Image via, Visual Paradox

3 comentarios:

  1. Dreaming is another way of seeing things.

    Seeing or dreaming, perhaps, the distinction is important for a physicist but for artists like you what is important is the experience, right?

    And of course, there must be plenty of dreams waiting for us to catch them one way or the other... :))) (This is not a wink).

  2. :), jajajaja. Pero también dicen que "La vida es sueño, y los sueños..."


  3. ...sueños son.

    Y ahí estamos de acuerdo. Pero quizás eso sea un recordatorio para que no los tomemos muy a la ligera y les demos la misma importancia y el mismo valor que a todas esas cosas que sí podemos mirar, tocar, oir, oler o gustar.

    ¿No te parece?