viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008

The debate and Hillary's final statement

Throughout the debate Obama looked presidential, and as a very convincing Commander in Chief; Hillary looked pretty good too, but not as good. At times, she seemed upset when Obama attacked her judgment on the "Irak war vote", her "failures in bring people together to get things done", and her "approach to keeping business as usual in Washington". She got agitated over Obama’s "plagiarism incidents". Obama rose above her in his response to the issue. He ignored her "silly" comments, and redirected the conversation to the issues that "we should be debating here." Her face reflected some anger, or perhaps frustration.

It was obvious to me that she is contemplating the idea that she may not be the party's nominee. Perhaps, this is the reason why she chose not to be too negative on Obama -in the past that has backfired on her. For instance, at the end of the debate she reminded us of the Hillary Clinton that we admire most: classy, smart and eloquent; she praised Obama, spoke of an unified democratic party, and placed the country at the center of the election stage -not her, nor Obama, but the country. Her body language and a few of her lines suggested to me, that she is acknowledging that Ohio and Texas may not be hers after all -at least not the way she thought they would be. She was very articulate in her closing statement, and it came across very well. The audience loved it, and gave her a standing ovation. However, I find it very ironic that in doing so, she may "have lifted a whole passage from someone else's speeches." In other words, she may have committed the same crime for which she had blasted Obama for the last week, o so. Isn't that funny?

But, I must say that, unlike Hillary, I do not think that using others' people lines -probably unintentionally- in a political speech is such a big deal -it was not a doctoral dissertation on a major scientific breakthrough, in which case, not giving credit to the source would be a terrible "crime". Oh, politicians, you just got to love their strange ways!

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  1. Evidentemente que tu has tomado partido por una de las partes y eso podria influir en tu respuesta a la pregunta que voy a hacerte. Como en un tiempo tu te inclinabas a favor de Hillary, que cosas tendria ella que hacer en estas circunstancias para ganar tu apoyo de nuevo? O ya todo esta decidido segun tu?

  2. Si claro! Que pierda Obama y ella sea la nominda- por supuesto que votaría por ella. De lo contrario, mi favorito sigue siendo Obama.

  3. Obama titubea demasiado.
    El le puede ganar a Hillary, pero yo no votaría por el.

    Tus argumentos del porque hay que votar por el, no son convincentes para cambiar de opinión.

  4. i watched most of the debate without volume. i noticed that obama was left-handed, but to be honest most of the time he looked asleep or doodling. Hillary is not left-handed and looks like she writes in cursive. i wish youtube would have the entire thing instead of just the kodak moments. (well maybe they do but i have no idea)

  5. Anonimo, mi intención nunca ha sido convencer a nadie de por quien debe votar. Lo que escribo son mis reflexiones y observaciones -de una manera muy personal. Ni siquiera a mis amigos yo he tratado de converselos nunca. Yo hice mi investigación sobre quién es Obama, y qué ha hecho a través de 20 años de activismo público y vida política; me gustó lo que encontré y lo que ofrece. y por eso vote por él. Eso debe ser una decisión personal. Ya es hora que la gente se acostumbre a tomar sus decisiones educadas y por si sólos.

    Adkenc, CNN tiene el debate dividido por preguntas.


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